GAPapp is Launched

The Great Australian Party app (the GAPapp) is now publicly available to all. In this video Rod chats about the GAPapp. Also we are still urgently needing more Western Australia members to confirm their registration status with us and the WA electoral commission so we can register for the WA state election in March 2021. […]

The infestation of political Rodents

You are the parliament, the supreme absolute uncontrollable authority. When a politician becomes a “political rodent” and is not representing the constituent, that is an abuse of the office they hold as the public trustee in representation of your will and must be disqualified if a failure of their duty occurs. By electing a candidate […]

Tribal Interveners in Culleton vs Quinlan CO/588/2020 in High Court of Justice, London

The tribal sovereign elders are in full support of the Culleton matter in the High Court and in full purport of the Great Australian Party, also dealing with matters against the Australian Government purporting to be the Commonwealth Parliament, have accepted the GAP Team to walk alongside and deal with matters collectively in protecting our […]

Signed MOU Kaurareg and Rod Culleton

 Kaurareg First Nation Tribal Peoples and the Great Australian Party (GAP), each from their own perspective, have seen the need for establishing a better way forward for all the People living on the continent knownto Kaurareg as Ze Deguim Daudai, Australia. Download PDF