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Important election and voting information with Darryl O’Bryan.
On tonight’s video, we interviewed Darryl O’Bryan, who has worked closely with Rod Culleton over the last 7 years and is also a leading Great Australian Party candidate.
Darryl answered a heap of voting-related questions that we have received including; how to vote correctly, what to watch out for – including mis-leading “how to vote” cards – whether the election Writs have been correctly issued and much more.
We also provided some excellent resources for those who want learn more and work out exactly how they should be voting this election, no matter what their preferred candidate or party.
This is a vitally important video for ALL Aussies to watch before Saturday’s election so please be sure to share this around as far and as wide as possible.

Update from Narrogin 17th May 2022

Watch this. I stand by my statement - Once a liberal always a liberal.

Credit to Morgan C Jonas former UAP Candidate who is now running as an Independent Candidate for the Senate in Victoria.

Special thanks to the Aussie Cossack for uploading the video to his YouTube channel.

Freedom Rally Perth- 14 May 2022 at Forrest Place, Perth WA- Former Senator Rod Culleton made an important public announcement.
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