Firearms Policy

Firearms Policy GAP will put an end to the inconsistency of state laws regarding the licensing of firearms. GAP believes in firearms ownership as a right, not a privilege. GAP recognises a need to reform registration of firearms adjusting access and removal of red tape as required. GAP believes hunting and sport are legitimate reasons […]

Tribal Federation Policy (the TFP)

Tribal Federation Policy (The TFP) The Great Australian Party walk beside the Tribal Sovereign’s of Australia to unite and bring forward a new dimension in policies to enrich the land and invoke a new beginning to walk as one. GAP will create a ‘National Tribal Federation’ to unite all tribes within Australia so as to […]


Water Policy Water is the only resource that Australia lacks; therefore, it is essential to conserve this valuable commodity. We propose an integrated catchment management plan to be developed and implemented Australia-wide, to ensure adequate storage and supply of water and prevent its degradation. Water management practices to eliminate salination. The discharge of sewerage to […]


Transport Policy To actively promote & encourage the planning & development of more efficient transport systems, including improved roads and rail, national upgrading of highways & traffic rules to worlds best practice.Australian shipping lines, suburban & country electric railways, standard national rail gauge. Reduction of fuel prices, encouragement of use of environmentally friendly propane & […]

Taxation & Finance

Taxation & Finance Policy The Great Australian Party (GAP) proposes a finance, bank and tax review, replacing the GST with a complete reform of the tax system according to sections 51(ii), 55 and chapter IV of the Constitution, it is the only way to resolve the inequities, complexities, disincentives and punishing nature of this tax […]

Seniors & Social Security

Seniors & Social Security Policy GAP is committed in respecting our Seniors who have pioneered this country. Australians of mature age should be classified as Seniors & should be entitled to receive appropriate benefits. They should not suffer demeaning categorisation such as Pensioners, Aged, Older person etc. Those who have contributed through the Social Security […]

Primary Industries

Primary Industries Policy The Great Australia Party (GAP) believes that our primary industries are a national asset and critical to our security. GAP will support continued growth in our primary industries, encouraging environment-friendly economical sustainable production and ethical resource use. Confident viable rural communities, safe food, and protection against imported pests and diseases, innovation in […]

People’s Initiated Referenda

People’s Initiated Referenda The Great Australia Party (GAP) supports People Initiated Referenda (PIR) as a system that allows all members of society to have a direct say in Government decision making. Representative Democracy only allows individuals who communicate their will back to their representative on all facets of law that affect the community and individuals. […]

Law & Justice

Law & Justice Policy The Great Australia Party (GAP) will implement the jurisdiction of any court to be constitutionally compliant under the crown. All courts will have truth in sentencing and equality in justice by JURY TRIALS following mandatory conferrals. GAP believes that zero tolerance with discretion should be the guiding principal of dealing with […]

Industry, Manufacturing, Business & Tourism

Industry, Manufacturing, Business & Tourism Policy The Great Australia Party (GAP) opposes globalism and will withdraw from international treaties that harm our manufacturing industry. Our policy is import replacement; we will restructure tax, banking, finance, training and reduce energy costs, to allow our industry to compete on a true level playing field. GAP acknowledges small […]