The Great Australian Party


About The Great Australian Party

The Great Australia Party started back in 2017 as the Power to People Party which was the initial brainchild of Darryl O’Bryan and Mike Palmer from the Know Your rights Group, with a view to bring about a better understanding of the Commonwealth Constitution to both the Parliament and the people of Australia.

Senator Rod Culleton expressed an interest in the forming of the party and he wanted to incorporate a name and slogan that he had formulated being the Great Australian Party. We all agreed to the transition and went about utilising good people from all over Australia to bring the dream to a reality.

We asked Ian Nelson from One Nation status to help register the party and help us install the requirements laid out by the Australian Electoral Commission. By November 2018 we had made our formal submission to the Australian Electoral Commission. In April 2019 we managed to jump through all of the bureaucratic hoops to a registered Political party in the Commonwealth of Australia and its States.