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  1. Rod Cullerton is the politician to stand up for our country. They have tried to bankrupt him but failed
    Rod is the only one to stand up and fight the corruption banks for their wrong doing to our farmers ,and now the government are trying to kill us all with this vaccine poison .so I say vote for Rod as it’s our only chance to safe our country under the Commonwealth constitution.uk 2000&20001.not this bloody corporate gov who are running 🏃‍♀️. Vote 1 the greataustralian party and enjoy our freedom again .

  2. here to help you move mountains Rod…. with you all the way.
    Love your passion and aggression
    And I love our country.
    Stay Strong Rod

  3. What a champion never gives up they knock you down Rod you just shake it off and go right back at them keep doing what your doing Rod let’s get these corrupt unlawful politicians out of our buildings go hard Rod

  4. What a great speech and explanation of the constitution we have and got plundered we want it back now. this criminal politician need to be sacked they become richer and richer while our system is full of debts. And the sovereign have there land to be saved they are the custodian of it its not for the N.W.O. to steal it , we the people own this not any false government, we all need to stick together and fix this quick before its to late; Rod is doing a amazing job and so as many others we don’t want drools and spies we want the real patriots.
    Elvira Reichmuth Hawthorn Vic

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