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Rodney Culleton makes his maiden speech in the Senate at Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

For the public record, the Former Federal Senator of the 45th Parliament, Rod Culleton today placed all senators on further notice in regard to the termination of the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia as follows:

Dear Senator Anne Ruston,

In respect to our fellow Australian brothers and sisters, your attention is drawn to a matter of paramount importance concerning our identity, our rights and our aspirations. It has come to our attention that the current federal government and current federal parliament no longer represent the authority of the Australian people, known as the Commonwealth, established by the Crown in 1901 upon the agreement of the people of the several colonies.

The role of a Senator in the Federal Parliament, Parliament of the Commonwealth, is to represent the people of a State within the Commonwealth for which foundation law dictates it to be under the Crown of the United Kingdom at the Preamble, second and fifth clauses.

In 1999 a referendum was called for determination of whether the Commonwealth would remain or be replaced with the Republic model. In 2001, our nation celebrated the anniversary of one hundred years of federation. The people of Australia believed their society and its authority was in full legal operation in compliance with the Constitution for the Commonwealth of Australia.

However, between 1972 and 1973, without regard to the announcement for public awareness, the Whitlam government plotted to dismantle the authority of the Australian people, in violation of the Constitution, and replace it with their own. It was an act of treachery which was implemented by stealth and included secret letters to the government of Canada and government of the United Kingdom. Files of these letters were kept secret in the Australian National Archives until March 2004.

The letters are evidence proving the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia, representing the authority of the Australian people to carry out the business of the Commonwealth was destroyed in 1973 by a warrant that was not of the Crown.

This act of betrayal to the people and contumelious disregard for the law is now upon you. Your attention and attendance are required: Are you for us or against us?

You are to consider and declare your position with regards to the law of the Constitution. You are to decide whether you are for the people under the protection of the Crown, or you are not. You are to consider and take affirmative action in calling out the government and the parliament with their status of operating without a basis in law; without the Constitution and without the Crown.

The creation of a political jurisdiction to this purpose is discovered by the careful examination of the first two paragraphs of the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973, a pretended law that has no constitutional basis as identified in the Constitutional Committee Reports of 1988. These paragraphs of the Act provides the two jurisdictions as diverse and apart from one another:

“WHEREAS, in accordance with the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953, Her Majesty, by Proclamation dated 28th May, 1953, adopted, as the Royal Style and Titles to be used in relation to the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories, the Style and Titles set forth in the Schedule to that Act:

AND WHEREAS the Government of Australia considers it desirable to propose to Her Majesty a change in the form of the Royal Style and Titles to be used in relation to Australia and its Territories:”

Excerpt from the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 No. 114 of 1973

The termination of the ‘people’s’ authority and usurping it with ‘government’ authority is a crime against the Commonwealth.

You are to acknowledge this tragic state-of-affairs and join in chorus to expose and oppose this crime upon us all.

If anything stated above is found to be untrue, misleading or misunderstood in any way, your attention for correction is requested.

All rights are expressly reserved.

Rod Culleton
Former Federal Senator
Sworn Commonwealth Public Officer to the Crown.