The Great Australian Party


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Recently we were presented with a questionnaire as per image below.

Here are the answers with references to those 7 questions:

  1. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) is currently in force throughout the Commonwealth. As such it is imperative we go back under our supreme law and hold those to account who usurped its authority.

    Senator Culleton 2016, “come back to our constitution, because that’s where we’ve gone off the rails”.

    Referendums are a matter for the people. The constitution cannot be altered by government. The Preamble and schedule are out of reach of both government and people. Only the 128 sections contained within Clause 9. can be altered by the people.

  1. On the 30th of August, 2016, Rodney Culleton swore and subscribed an Oath of Allegiance as per schedule and section 42 Commonwealth Constitution “Oath or affirmation of allegiance”. The Queen of Australia is a dummy title adopted by the “Australian Government” and is not recognised within our constitution.

  2. As elected officials, we would be agents, representatives and public trustees of the electors.

  3. We propose a government as per our supreme law which puts the people as the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority. The offical government of the people is contained within our constitution called The Parliament, or The Parliament of the Commonwealth.

    “…for the truth is the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority remains with the people.

    (The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), Quick and Garran annotated Constitution, p. 286; contained within the Preamblecl.3. “The People”.)

  1. All 3 entities mentioned are foreign to our supreme law. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act does not provide for foreign entities to dictate, or have power over Commonwealth Subjects. As such the Commonwealth must withdraw from these foreign entities.

  2. Given the opportunity, our parliamentary members would vigorously fight for, and debate the release of the listed 28 paedophiles identified by the Wood Royal Commission and protected by 90 year suppression orders, which named a former Australian Prime Minister.

  1. We would consider UN Troops harming Commonwealth subjects an act of war. Our ADF troops would respond accordingly and with force. We would never approve or support foreign troops in Australia.

N.B. everything that Rod Culleton and the Great Australian Party stands for, and all of our policies are subject to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.