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Rod Culleton exposes the banks, police and the bailiff (Sheriff) who are stealing Australian farmers properties.

On Thursday, Rod Culleton was live at a bank repossession of a farmers property. A farmer who has never defaulted on the loan and has the funds to payout the loan.

The entity on the court order – Bendigo & Adelaide Bank – was not the entity named as the mortgagee on the most current title – Elders Rural Bank Ltd – which has a totally different ABN number (completely different entity).

The bankers didn’t want the money even though the farmer was prepared to pay out the loan right there and then, the banks wanted the land which is worth more than the loan. The banks are stealing property from Australian primary producers with the government, police and sheriff all involved in on the criminal act.

Watch the seven (7) part series on Rumble below as the former Senator of the 45th Parliament goes into battle for our primary producers against the banks, sheriff and police who are all attempting to steal the property.