The Great Australian Party


Firearms Policy

  • GAP will put an end to the inconsistency of state laws regarding the licensing of firearms.
  • GAP believes in firearms ownership as a right, not a privilege.
  • GAP recognises a need to reform registration of firearms adjusting access and removal of red tape as required.
  • GAP believes hunting and sport are legitimate reasons to own a firearm.
  • GAP supports fair access to semi-automatic firearms for primary producers for the management of pest control.
  • GAP will deregulate paintball and airsoft so that ownership of paintball markers and airsoft devices will not require a firearms license.
  • GAP supports that the training and testing of firearms competency will be performed by experienced, local firearms training organisations that are accredited for this purpose.
  • GAP supports that people shall be licensed to use a category of firearms. Once licensed for that category, purchase firearms within that category may occur without further intervention.
  • GAP supports that a licensed people shall have the freedom to travel freely throughout Australia with their firearms without restrictions.
  • GAP supports handgun carry by way of permits where an applicant is:
    • Supported by at least two years of verifiable experience through a handgun club membership.
    • Nominated by the same club as being of suitable character for a concealed carry license.
    • For the purpose of hunting / self-defence in remote locations such as when accessing remote areas like Northern Territory against crocodile and pig attack.
  • GAP will work to establish secured depots of firearms and ammunition throughout every town and city, ready for issue to the civilian population in the event of an attack on the people of Australia by a foreign power.
  • GAP will encourage membership of the Australian Army Reserve by providing incentives such as access to free dental, medical and zero interest loans for at a one to three ratio post discharge (for example two years attendance will provide six years of benefits).
  • GAP will review the National Firearms Agreement.
  • GAP supports secure firearms storage.
  • GAP recognises that reasonable defensive force is always justified and will ensure that laws reflect this maxim.